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Profile: Anime
Chibi Chibi in the anime Chibi Chibi in the anime enters the scene when she is in a park and her umbrella blows away. Usagi-chan catches it and returns it to her and remarks, "Cute! Well, bye!"
Usagi-chan proceeds to walk off, but some one's following her! The bundle of cuteness! When asked questions, the child can only answer "chibi". Luna and Usagi-chan decide to take her to the police, but she disappears before they can.
Later, when Usagi-chan gets home, she is told by her mother not to step on her little sister...little sister?!
From then on, Chibi Chibi works her way into Usagi's heart and becomes Sailor Chibi Chibi when she touches Eternal Sailor Moon's staff.
She also ends up bringing Princess Kakuya to the Sailor Starlights with her incense burner.
She seems to love sweets and causing trouble, as any tot would...but unlike most tots, she does share. *^_^*
Later on, the starlights, Eternal Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Chibi go on to fight Sailor Galaxia...sadly, Chibi Chibi is killed but transforms herself into a sword to finish the enemy off.
But who was she really? What is her purpose? Click here to find out!