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Profile: Galaxia
Galaxia!The true being of Chibi Chibi and Galaxia is one of many rumors on the net...but alas, I am here to spread the truth! ;;^_^
Waaaaaay back when, Galaxia was a beatuiful girl, but then the evil, Chaos began to make trouble. She sealed the being within herself to prevent it from destroying the universe.
But, that was only the beginning! The evil grew with in her, over took her and turned her into the merciless Sailor Galaxia, bent on destroying the universe.
However, Galaxia had sent a part of herself away, far away to find itself back to her when the time was right.
Sailor Galaxia traveled the universe, taking star seeds and creating more evil. That is, until Eternal Sailor Moon got her into a final showdown. Sailor Chibi Chibi watched in horror, unable to do much of anything.
Then she began to glow and grow into a beautiful winged creature. "I'm the glitter that used to be..."
She transformed herself into a sword and merged herself with Usagi-chan's star seed.
With Usagi-chan's determination, she was able to free Chaos from Galaxia, who returned good once again. It was revealed that Chibi Chibi was Galaxia's hope and star seed. Galaxia proceeded to return all the star seeds she had taken and all was good with the world.