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Profile: Manga
Manga Chibi Chibi! A young girl floated down and found herself in a playground. She saw a princess drained of energy and put the princess in an incense burner.
She arrives at the Tsukino's home, and Usagi-chan's mother exclaims, "Chibi Usa-chan?! Chibi...Chibi..?"
To which the tot replies, "...chibi chibi?"
The girls speculate on who she is, but before much can be done, it is revealed that Chibi Chibi has convinced the Tsukino family that she is Usagi-chan's little sister.
She quickly becomes one of the family and offers comfort to Usagi-chan, heartborken by the death going on around her.
The incense burner floats by her as she sleeps and the starlights come to take it. She tries to stop them, but the princess frees herself. Then Chibi Chibi decides it is time to stop watching and start really helping and turns herself into Sailor Chibi Chibi.
But who or what is Chibi Chibi, really? What is her purpose? Click here to find out!