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Beautiful Child // Beautiful Child // You are a beautiful child // And I am a fool once more // You fell in love when I was only ten // The years disappeared // Much has gone by since then // I bite my lip, can you send me away // You touch // I have no choice // I have to stay // I had to stay
Sleepless child // There is so little time // Your eyes say yes // But you don't say yes // I wish that you were mine

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You say it will be harder in the
morning // I wait for you to say, just go // Your hands, held mine so few hours // And I'm not a child anymore
I'm not a child anymore // I'm tall enough  // To reach the stars // I'm old enough // To love you from afar // Too trusting. . .yes? // But then women usually are // I'm not a child anymore // No, I'm not a child, oh no // Tall enough to reach for the stars // I will do // As I'm told // Even if I never hold you again // I never hold you again