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Mimi holding Piximon Mimi attempting to purchase soda Mimi screaming Mimi laughing Mimi walking Mimi looking annoyed Mimi, the Home Alone scream is sooo 1990's Mimi looks confused Mimi being sad Mimi about to blow Mimi-chan running off and Palmon landing on her face Mimi-chan squealing and being cute. Mimi waving goodbye Just fer the taste of it- Diet Coke! Oh! My virgin eyes! Mimi, come to the light! Why, yes, I'd love to be photographed for latest Girls Gone Wild: Lolita Edition! If these perverts don't knock it off... 02 Mimi doin' something...;;^_^ I-It's so saddening! Disheartining! Chibi Usa has more pink than I could ever hope for!
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