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When we first meet Tachikawa Mimi in Digimon Adventure, we meet a stuck-up, emotional, whiney, spoiled, self-centered li'l girl. She cares nothing but the here and now and "lives for the moment". Then she found herself lost in a world, an amazing world and on the adventure of a lifetime. She gains friends that stay with her for the rest of her life. She has no choice but to grow up, become empathetic and show others her true self, a beautiful, caring, gentle, *selfless* young teen.
As a preteen, she moves to New York with her family, which consists of her comically melo-dramatic mother and brave father. There she makes even more friends with her warm nature and goes through more hairstyles than Cher. She has matured in a young adult, welcoming everyone into her life and seeing the best in everyone.
As an adult, she runs her own cooking show and has a little boy. Randomess at its best.
I love Mimi because of her traits- caring, gentle, honest, selfless. They are traits that I strive to have. I suppose I can relate to her- on the outside we're both seen as clueless, self-centered air-heads which is a mask that hides the real us. However, I think her career choice is the last thing I would have guessed...I always figured, watching the series, she'd be some sort of rock star like Gwen Steffani.