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Summaries for each of the chapters of Miyuki-chan In Wonderland. (Note: No OVA summaries cuz it's just the first two chapters of the manga!)

Miyuki-chan In The WonderlandMiyuki-chan In The Wonderland: Miyuki wakes up and realizes she's late for school. Quickly, she gets ready. Rushing out the door, she meets a bunny on a skateboard. It causes her to trip and fall into a hole. There, she is attacked by To-Li and Cho-li, two women dressed in Chinese dresses. Running off, she is asked to join a tea party by the, Mad Hatter, Door Mouse and March Hare. Freaked out by their advances, she runs off again and is attacked by the Chesire Cat who tries to get in her pants. She ends up passing out and awakens at the foot of the Queen of Hearts. The Queen happens to be an S&M fan who tries to rip off her clothes with a whip. Miyuki then wakes up and it all starts again. Neverend.

Miyuki-chan In Mirror LandMiyuki-chan In Mirror Land: Miyuki sings and brushes her hair in front of a mirror. She sees in her mirror that her reflection tries to kiss her. Before she knows it, she is once again yanked into a crazy world. She meets a winged bat, a Jabberwocky. The Jabberwocky carries her off and drops her on a chess board. Above her hovers a woman in an egg who says her name is Humpty Dumpty. Miyuki then watches a chess game after being groped by Humpty Dumpty. She then watches her reflection remove her clothes and freaks out. However, before anything is really shown, she ends up back in her room, relieved that her "adventure" is over. Neverend.

Miyuki-chan In TV Land Miyuki-chan In TV Land: Miyuki wakes up upset that she missed her TV program. As she fiddles with the channels, she is pulled into the TV. There, she meets two darling girls who proceed to rip off her clothes. She is then saved by an angel who brings her to a horned lady who proceeds to molest poor Miyuki. She then runs off and runs into palace gaurds who carry her off to meet the empress and is asked to wear the proper attire, which happens to be a school-girl outfit. The empress turns out to be the horned girl who resumes molesting Miyuki who is then saved again by the angel. She falls and ends up back in her bed. Neverend.

Miyuki-chan In Part-Time Job LandMiyuki-chan In Part-Time Job Land: Miyuki runs into a room and hurriedly changes into her uniform, saying she's late for work. When she enters the place of work, it's not her resturant, but a ring. It's a match of the waitresses! It's an all-out battle to be the last waitress with her clothes on. Miyuki thinks she's the last one standing but is attacked by the last waitress and wakes up, realizing she had passed out and now she's over an hour late for her job...but it's another batle royale! Neverend.

Miyuki-chan In MahJong LandMiyuki-chan In MahJong Land: Miyuki enjoys reading a manga she borrowed from a friend. A group of young women then pop out of the manga and decide to challenge to a game of strip-MahJong. Miyuki ends up winning the game and is declared the champion. She then wakes up to realize it was just a dream. Neverend.

Miyuki-chan In Game LandMiyuki-chan In Game Land: While playing an RP video game, Miyuki dies but is given the option to continue. Confused, she chooses "yes" and is sucked into the game. The people tell her she's the hero. She explains that she's just a high school girl, but they go on and search for armor for her. Once dressed in proper attire, she is asked to summon a dragon. This she does, and it carries the group off. As she's fighting the enemy, she falls and dies. She then realizes that she's fine and in her room, being asked by the game if she'd like to continue. Neverend.

Miyuki-chan In X LandMiyuki-chan In X Land: While watching the X movie on the big screen, Miyuki is sucked into the movie and meets many characters of X who insist that she is Kamui. This includes a scene where Karen decides to put Miyuki in languire. Screaming, Miyuki realizes she's back in the theater and safe...but up on the screen, she's being crucified. Neverend.