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"Why Can't This Be Love?" is a website about Taichi and Yamato, two boys from the anime, Digimon Adventure. Er, this version is Version 5.0 "All About Lovin' You", based on the song by Bon Jovi from their latest album.
As for the history of the site...I realized a few years ago (July of 2000 to be exact) that there weren't any information sites on Taito. (This was at the time.) So, I made "Why Can't This Be Love?", the title taken from a Van Halen song...I thought song was important, because when one likes a pairing, they have to explain it away...but, so I like a pairing? Why can't it be love?
So, what is this "Taito" thing that I speak of? What is yaoi, anyway? Why the hell is any of this here?! I bet that's what you are thinking. Okay, maybe not, but maybe you are.
Taito is a word used to refer to fans pairing Yamato and Taichi together in a sexual relationship and anything related to the pairing (IE, fanworks, sites, etc).
As for what yaoi is, it is a term used to refer to males shagging each other in anime or manga. If you want more information, me at