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Kyaaaaaa!!!! Get those fangirls away from meeee!!! Taichi, I *told* you this would happen if we wore school girl outfits!!! Cool rockers! Mmmmm...shirtless Yamato...*drools* Yamato playing the drums. Yamato wearing shades. Peace! Taichi in his school girl get-up. Taichi wearing go-go 80's gear. Err...indecent, frontal nudity...just move on. ;;^_^ Taichi groping Yamato. ;;^_^ Yamato reveals he's a fanboy of Bon Jovi! Yamato cosplaying Hikaru from Angelic Layer...Cute! The boys out on the town! Yamato's a sexxy bitch! Yamato being sexxy! ^_^ I *hate* his skin coloring... it just scanned in terribly!
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