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Here is muh Taichi and Yamato-related fanfiction!

By Rhiannon:
If That's What It Takes: Rated G for pure fluff...there's a little angst, too. Taichi and Yamato have a li'l heart-to-heart.
Precious Time: Again, G for fluff and angst. Taichi and Yamato fume and then tell each other what's on their minds.
Thousand Days: Rated PG-13 for angst and a tiny citrus scene. Set during the time when Yamato leaves everyone in Digimon Adventure...Taichi misses him.
Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough: Rated NC-17 for incest, sex, coarse's just not a nice fic. Yamato basically goes insane after um...he um...*coughfuckshisbrothercough*

Submitting: I accept any rating fiction as long as it is pre-formated, FINISHED and sent to me *attached* in the e-mail in either .doc, .txt or .html form. It *must* be centered around Taichi, Yamato and/or Taito. Have fun and send them on in to! ^_^