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"Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough"

Author: Rhiannon
Rating: R, for coarse language, sexual themes and um, it's just "adult", okay?
Summary: Yamato um, pretty much goes insane...I don't want to spoil too much, but yeah, there's incest and homosexual stuff.
Notes: Wow! "Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough" wasn't suppose to be like this! I had planned for Yamato and Takeru to shag and then Yamato be all like, "We can't see each other," and break Takeru's li'l heart. But nope, it's a depressing death fic. And yes, I realize everyone is horrible OOC...Well, kind of. I don't think Takeru is. And I don't think Taichi is, either...Yamato's just insane. And oh! They're in their late teens....yeah...I'd say Yamato and Taichi are about 19, and Takeru would be...13, 14? Something like that.
"Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough"

His cold, blue eyes stared into mine. He just showed up at my door tonite, all wet from having walked in the rain. And he stood there, staring at me.
I was the first to speak. "Yama-"
He slamed me against the wall next to the door, kissing me hard. This wasn't like him, taking initative. I tried to push him off, but he had pinned me against the wall.
His lips were dry, and hurt against mine.
He finally pulled back, and stared at me again. His eyes turned into an icy glare. "Bedroom-now!"
His hand clamped against my upper arm, bruising it. It hurt as he dragged me towards my bedroom.
"Yamato, no, not now." He ignored my pleas and slammed me against another wall, brushing his lips against mine as he unbuttoned my shirt and began fiddling with my fly.
I tried to back away. "Yamato, take a shower first. If you want me, take a damn shower first!"
He relented, and disappeared into the bathroom. He was damp and smelly. I didn't want to make love to that!
A sly grin slid across my face. Yamato's willing to fuck me! Finally! I looked around for a bottle of cheap wine and a couple of glasses, putting them down on my table.
I listened for the shower, but heard weeping instead. I knocked lightly on the door. "Yamato?"
No reply. So, I slowly turned the knob and saw him naked on the floor, crouched and weeping.
Still, no words were spoken from him.
I knelt down beside him,m huggin him. I kissed his forehead lightly. "Yamato..."
"It's Takeru!"
I rolled my eyes. "Everything's about Takeru, isn't it, Yamato?"
He burried his head in my chest, and he dug his nails in my back. "You wouldn't understand, Taichi."
I sighed. "Try me."
"I love him, Taichi."
"Well, of course, he's your brother."
"See? You don't understand!"
I placed my hands on his sholders, and forced him to look me in the eys. His eyes were tired and bloodshot. His cheeks were tear-stained, and his hair was a mess.
"How can I?! You don't tell my anything, you just go off and pout when anything's bothering you!"
I heard him choke on his tears. "I love him, Taichi."
"Why are you tellin' me this for?!"
He re-burried his head in my chest. "Cuz I fucked him, Taichi. I fucked him."
My eyes widened and I swallowed hard. Okay. He fucked his brother. Happens every day. Perfectly healthy, perfectly normal.
"Well, I guess you don't need me then, huh?" I got up and let him crumble in a heap.
I heard him whisper my name as I clenched my fists. "Obviously, you love him more than me. So why don't you go and fuck him some more and leave me the fuck alone."
I walked out of the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. Angerily, I ran to the set table and broke the glasses by throwing them against the wall. Tears crawled to the corners of my eyes as I tried to hold them back.
I don't care that he fucked his brother. I care that he fucked some one other than me. I thought I was his only one.
I was a fool.
I heard movement in the bathroom, but I chose to ignore it. He didn't need me...he never needed me. Everthing I thought we had was a lie.
I am the king of fools.
I heard him approach me, but I just sat in a chair, staring off into space. Fuck him.
"Taichi, i-it wasn't what you think. I-I couldn't not be with you- I love *you*, Taichi. I couldn't have him in the way. Th-that's why I'm here."
The words of what he was implying didn't sink into me. I just continued to sit there.
"I love you both so much, it scares me. But Takeru, he's not a problem anymore."
He drew himself into my arms. I closed my eyes, shutting off all feeling.
"If you want to fuck me, Ishida, just do it and get the fuck out of here."
"Oh, I'll fuck you- I'll fuck you now and forever."
"No, you won't. I want you to leave."
He pressed his head to my chest, tears flowing. "I can't. I can't let you go, I love you-"
"You cheated on me."
"But I love you! Isn't that enough?!"
"No. Love isn't enough."
He stared into my eyes, trying to get my sympathies. "Ishida- go."
His frown turned into a lecherous grin. I should have run. I should have ran as fas as I could. But I just sat there. I didn't see it coming. I should have.
God, I'm such a fuckin' moron!
He went out into the kitchen. I heard him opening a draw. Then he came back out to me.
And here we are now, as this is all going through me head. The events of today. He's staring at me with that creepy grin, with-with a knife in his hand.
"Takeru got in the way of our love. We're gonna be together, you an' me, Taichi. Lovers forever, no matter what."
I'm too scared to respond. Maybe I am...Maybe I just don't care.
"But I don't think you want that, so I'm gonna have to kill you."
The last sentence sends chills throughout my body. He crawls back into my lap. "I love you, Taichi."

I watch the life drain from his eyes as I uttered my last words to him. I couldn't have it end like that, and now he's mine forever. I can make love to that corpse whenever the fuck I feel like it.
I see he had brought out some wine. I sit in a chair next to him and drink straight from the bottle.
I should back up. It all started a few precious hours ago...
Takeru and I were sitting, watching a movie. Just like we always do on Sunday nights. But this Sunday, something was different.
Now, I should let you know that Taichi, he's my lover, my one and only. We'll be together forever. And ever. And ever. That's why I did what I did.
But we're not talking about that, we're talking about Takeru.
He was so beautiful, watching the movie. My li'l brother, he's grown so much.
He turned to me with his bright, innocent eyes. "'Nii-chan, there's something I want to tell you."
I smiled. He'd always say this before he told me something really bad he'd down so I could help him get out of trouble.
"What'd you do now?"
He looked down, studying his laced fingers, which were resting in his lap. He shook his head.
"I didn't do anything. No, this is important. I love you, 'nii-chan."
I laughed. "Of course you do, we're brothers."
Tears flowed at the corners of those beautiful eyes. He shook his head again.
"You don't understand, 'nii-chan. I *love* you, like you love Taichi."
I laughed again. "No, no, you don't, Takeru. We're brothers. Besides, I belong to Taichi."
He closed his eyes. I heard him stiffle a cry. "I-I kn-know, 'nii-ch-chan. I-I just thought maybe-maybe you could love both of us like that."
He began bawling. I felt terrible, breaking his heart. But I'm Taichi's, and he's mine.
I couldn't stand to see him cry, so I put my arm around him. "I'm sorry, Takeru. I'm sorry. J-just don't cry."
I felt his salt-water lips against mine, his tougne invading my mouth.
My mind screamed "no!", wanted me to stop. But I let him continue kissing me.
He leant forward, sending me back on the couch. He perceeded to straddle me, smiling.
"Oh, nii-chan! You do love me!" I didn't respond or protest. I didn't want to see him cry again.
I put my hands to his face, whiping away the tears.
He closed his eyes and moved toward me, joing our mouths again.
His hands moved to my pants, untying the string that held them together.
"I've always wanted us to do this, 'nii-chan. Idid y'know I always hated Taichi? He took you from me, but not now. Now you're mine."
I didn't bother telling him he was wrong. I just smiled as he unzipped his khakis.
Before I could don any sort of protest if I wanted to, he was inside me. My *brother* was inside me. It burned and I felt sick.
His dick was small, still not full developed, but it burned because it wasn't his, wasn't Taichi. Taichi is the only person I had ever fucked.
But Takeru, he ruined that. And I liked it. I think that bothered me the most. I loved him and I being as one. We were sepereated so young, but now, now we were joined as one.
And I climaxed. Oh god, did I climax. I had never had an orgasm like that with Taichi.
And when all was said and done, he whispered, "I love you so much, my 'nii-chan. *My* 'nii-chan." He fell asleep after that.
No! No! NO! He can't love me, and I can't love him. I love Taichi. Taichi loves me! Taichi's mine, damnit! And I'm his! And we'll live happily-ever-after! So fuck you!
And I didn't like what we'd done. Takeru had gone and messed everything up. That damn bastard fucked everything up!
Yeah, I love Takeru. But he was in the way. He was in the way! What I did was right!
And so I took that angelic body of his and ended its life. And now he isn't in the way, is he, Taichi?
I thought you'd be happy. But nope, I was too "dirty" for you.
I do feel bad. But, but...oh god, I'm sorry, Takeru. How could I end you like that? Won't you come back and tell me that you love me? Cuz I love you too.
I'm so confused. They're bothe gone, now...maybe I should go, too.
I shrug and inhale deeply on a cigarette I had lit while thinking this all over. Not that it matters. No one's left to listen.
Because their love wasn't enough, their love scared me.
Sometimes, love just isn't enough.
Phew! That was...different. And I'd like to thank Pretty Pretty Princess because her fic, "Anti-Me" with it's unahppiness gave me the confidence to write a not-so-happy Digimon fic. (I do write tragedies for other series, 'specially Poketto Monsutaa.)