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Li'l baby Taichi! He's so cute! *glomps* How dare they allow Sora to take my Yamato? I shall smite them! I'm gonna stand here and pout until they give me my Yamato! Yamato's a prostitute? Y'know how much he charges? Gee, gosh darn! Oh My GOD! It's the attack of the rabid fan-girls! RUN! Maybe if I stand here smiling like an idiot long enough, they'll leave me alone. What the bloody hell?! First I get some crazy fan-girl named Rhiannon after me, now I got this thing! They're soooooo adorable! I wanna adopt 'em! Yamato's running off to be by himself worries me...Y'think he might be cheating on me, Hikari? All men face erectile dysfunction at one time or another, Taichi. Taichi just older... His sister's protector I envy that girl! Taichi on his way to school These are Yamato's and Taichi's romantic getaway pictures...

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