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Yagami Taichi, Age 11
Yagami Taichi, Age 11 Yagami Taichi is an annoying, stupid, stubbor, headstrong child who does not think at all before he acts. (Note, I do not hate Taichi! He's my favorite character, he's just an idiot, okay?) Also, the webmistress of this website has deduced, and this is purely her opinion, that Taichi is a horny bastard. At any rate, he tries to make friends with everyone except Yamato because the two do not get along.
He *loves* to play soccer and um, play soccer. He never really shows interest in anything else. He lives with his mother, his father and younger sister, Hikari in a small apartment in Odaiba. They also have a pet cat, Miko.
On his adventure, Taichi makes several new friends and gets a digimon, Agumon, who is one of the best friends you could ever have, in my opinion. Plus he's got fire power! *_* Oh, yeah! Taichi has the crest of yuuki (courage).

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