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Taichi's Episode Bests

Episode 1, Adrift? Island of Adventure!
Episode 2, Explosive Digivolution! Greymon
Episode 9, Clash! The Freezing Digimon
Episode 16, Dark Change! Skullgreymon
Episode 18, The Fairy! Piximon
Episode 20, Change To Ultimate! MetalGreymon
Episode 21, Koromon, The Great Clash In Tokyo
Episode 22, The Small Devil, Pikodevimon
Episode 48, Bombing Mission! Machinedramon

Episode 1, The Ones Who Receive Courage
Episode 9, Lost Control of the Magical Power of the Evil Ring
Episode 10, MetalGreymon is the Enemy
Episode 11, Lighdramon, the Blue Lighting
Episode 18, Attack the Kaiser's Base!

On to Taichi's Digimon Partner...