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Ishida Yamato, Age 11
Ishida Yamato, Age 11 Ishida Yamato is a troubled eleven year old boy. He attended camp one summer, to be whisked away on an incredible adventure in an alternate world where everything is digitized. He keeps to himself and does not try to make friends with the other children traveling with him, except Takeru.
He has a soft spot for Takeru, his younger brother and tries to take care of him. However, he grows jealous of Taichi, who he feels is trying to replace him as Takeru's "'nii-chan". This often leads to altercations between the two, however, the become friends and Yamato decides that he will never let anything come between the two.
He attends Odaiba Elementary School and lives with his father. His parents are divorced, and he seems to have a bitterness about it, believing that neither want him. He also regards his mother coldly, probally feeling abandoned by her. His father is a workoholic who is always at his TV station, and the only one of the parents to understand the children's adventure.

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